About Us

Our extreme involvement in software has led us to our very own approach to development.

We call it software as a pleasure.


Why software as a pleasure:

We are a team of enthusiasts who are fond of producing modern, well-built, user friendly Mobile and Web based applications of high quality. We work on external projects for our clients and on our own ones as well. 

We are confident that pleasure drives pleasure, so our process of software creation is structured in a way where everyone is satisfied – developers creating, users using our software.

Well organized software development, clean code, modern technologies and tools, automated routine, lean and optimized approach to every part of our work and, of course, being part of great quality products – a real pleasure for our team 🙂


But where do our users find pleasure?

Right here – our software is extremely user friendly, helpful, fast and secure.

Our extensive experience in various areas of programming helps us better understand our users. This knowledge translates [sic!] into top-notch services that are highly responsive to users’ needs and requirements.

Our advantage is build on technological expertise, a comprehensive set of skills and a positive kind of stubbornness. These are the qualities that help us make sure that legal requirements are met and  our products are fully compliant with current legislation, e.g. Polish medical- and pharmaceutical law or logistics- and transportation regulations.

We do  believe that continuous improvement, learning and cognition in the field of software engineering is the only way to produce real value products which can change the way people interact and communicate with the world. At the same time we do believe that we are able to fulfill the diverse needs of demanding business partners.

Additionally, we work tightly with Apperise Group helping them empower BI solutions with Mobile and Web technologies.